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Western Cape: Simonsvlei Ja – Mocha Pinotage

Ja-Mocha originated from the coffee and chocolate connection associated with this wine. It’s a well balanced fruity wine with expressing overtones of dark chocolate and toasted coffee beans. Serve with game, fillet/steak, BBQs, hearty vegetarian dishes, Thai/Indian food or enjoy on its own.


Imbued with the pioneering spirit that typified the early Dutch settlers and French Huguenots who settled at the Cape. Simonsvlei is still building on this inherited culture of innovation, integrity and an independent spirit that dates back more than three centuries. After the hardships of the Second World War, a group of visionary wine farmers, steeped in the winemaking traditions introduced to the valley by the Huguenot families, joined forces to provide the area’s wine farmers with the facilities and expertise to produce quality wines on a larger scale and sustainable scale. Because of this collective effort, Simonsvlei was founded in 1945.

The name Simonsvlei originates from the founder of the South African wine Industry, Simon van der Stel, and from the area’s vlei (wetlands) landscape. Simon van der Stel was the Cape Governor representing the Dutch government during the 17th century. This far-sighted gentleman selected this unique location, because he realized soon enough that the area’s cool microclimate was ideal for producing quality grapes. He must have realized too that the prevailing winds blowing across the vlei or wetland would naturally cool the cellar and the wine in the barrels – ideal conditions for making quality wines!

Simonsvlei is still committed to the common goal set by one of its co-founders, Sonny le Roux, to provide “quality wines at affordable prices” And ever since, innovative and affordable wines of quality have become the hallmark of Simonsvlei.

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Simonsvlei Ja




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