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Our Space

Pagrati is definitely a neighborhood in Athens that is worth exploring. As we wandered around its winding streets, we discovered this hidden spot right at the edge of the peaceful Mesologgiou Square, surrounded by young people, grandparents, and children playing in the sun under blooming orange trees. Thus, Materia Prima was born in Pagrati.

Just like the original store in Koukaki, Materia Prima in Pagrati also functions as a wine bar, serving wine and food in its interior and exterior spaces. We also encourage you to explore the store’s underground cellars with the help of our sommeliers, immersing yourself fully in the magical universe of wine!

Plateia Mesologgiou 3, Athens 116 34
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Hours: Tuesday-Sunday 18.00-1.30


Our Lists

The wine and food lists at our Pagrati store were created with a sense of playfulness and deep knowledge of local wines and products. Each month’s wine list features wines based on style, region, altitude, or the terroir from which they originate, accompanied by seasonal dishes.

Click the links below to explore our wine and food menus firsthand.


A new list every month, with wines by the glass that will take you to new heights in the magical world of wine.


In the Materia Prima cellar, you can explore over 500 wine labels from both known and up-and-coming producers. Take a small taste from our list of 100 suggested bottles based in different wineries around the world.


The menu at Materia Prima changes daily, based on the chef’s imagination and seasonal ingredients.

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