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Lombardy: Barbacàn – Valtellina Superiore Docg Valgella Jazpémi 2020

This wine has the magical perfume of Chiavennesca, and is a little sappy from the old vines. It’s graceful, with a complex taste of summer fruits, flowers, and spices. Regal thoroughbred structure of Chiavennesca is self-evident. It is 95% Chiavennesca, and the remaining portion is comprised of Rossola and Pignola, Valtellina’s other indiginous varietal. You’ll also find Chiavennascone and Chiavennaschino, which are different strains of Chiavennesca. Matteo and Luca are committed to preserving the indigenous varietals of Valtellina, adhering to the belief that the ancient varietals add to the wine’s overall identity and complexity.


The Sega brothers, Matteo and Luca, along with their father Angelo, are the heart and soul of Barbacan. They are among the pioneers of natural winemaking in the steep slopes of the Valtellina area in northern Lombardy and true symbols of heroic winemaking. The territorial nature of this beautiful family-run winery is evident from the name itself since Barbacan in the local dialect indicates the buttressing walls of a typical building once found among the vineyards.

The Sega family works around 7 hectares of the traditional Chiavennasca grape (a close relative of Piedmont’s Nebbiolo) and a number of almost lost and forgotten varieties in San Giacomo di Teglio. All the vineyards are on steeply terraced slopes and all work is rigorously manual and, given the vertiginous heights and inclinations, really could not be otherwise. Matteo and Luca’s family have been custodians for generations of up to 20 different clones of Chiavennasca, some being cultivated in vineyards whose age can top 100 years. The very best vineyards of their small estate are the crus called Söl and Pizamej, placed at over 500m of altitude.

The link to a deep historical identity also shines through the striking labels, which are inspired by the Neolithic cave paintings found in the Valtellina area. Work in the vineyard allows exclusively for moderate amounts of copper and sulfur and of course no irrigation. Likewise in the cellar, the wines see only wild fermentation with indigenous yeasts in steel tanks and no intervention whatsoever before aging in large wooden barrels; only extremely moderate quantities of added SO2 at bottling. All of Barbacan wines, from the easy-drinking and convivial Rosso di Valtellina to the austere crus Söl and Pizamej, are alive and vibrant with an energy that speaks both of ancient roots and of a striving passion to project their wines into the future.

Βάρος 1.28 kg







Chiavennasca, Chiavennaschino, Pignola, Rossola










Natural wines


Valtellina Superiore Valgella DOCG

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